Laura Pujos

Laura joined SHM in 2020 and supports our training sessions.

Laura grew up in London with an English mother and a French father. She studied English Literature at Cambridge, where she spent most of her time performing in student theatre – and got a chance to play “bucket list roles” such as Ophelia and Portia, also getting involved with the short film scene. In her final year, she was selected to take part in the prestigious Marlowe Showcase. After this, she trained at Drama Centre London, spending two months in Moscow learning the Stanislavski method. She graduated in 2019 and was in a couple of small productions before the pandemic hit.

At SHM she helps with the delivery of live teaching, which also has a performance element. She enjoys learning new things through her work in areas such as business, commerce and technology, and is particularly interested in themes such as motivation, persuasion, and relationships – all of which align with her preoccupations as an actor. She’s interested in how to tell a compelling story, how to win someone over – and that in this respect, training has a lot in common with her acting work.

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