Hannah Collins

Hannah joined SHM in 2018 as Henrietta Moore’s Research Assistant, supporting our Chair’s varied activities in academia, public policy and business. It’s a role that combines Hannah’s academic background in social development and psychology as well as her drive to understand and explore human behaviour and diversity to help make a positive social impact.

Hannah has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (The University of Otago) and two Masters’ degrees in Psychology (University of Auckland) and Social Development Practice (University College London) during which she completed research projects related to human memory and refugee integration respectively. She has also been involved in various capacities with refugee communities in Auckland, Melbourne and London and in participatory research projects with communities facing housing issues in London and Brazil.

Prior to moving to London Hannah worked as a café manager and baker in Auckland, Melbourne and Berlin. She is from New Zealand and so enjoys anything that involves being in the sea, which tends to be slightly more difficult to do in Hackney.

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