Neil Cameron

Neil is an SHM Associate and a 40 year veteran of the IT industry. He is the former global CIO of Unilever plc, one of the largest CPG companies in the world.

He retired from Unilever in 2010 after seven years in role, where he was the first IT professional to hold the position of CIO. His continual focus has been to drive organisation change leveraging technology, information and business processes to enable the delivery of the business strategy. Neil has worked with SHM to drive a number of multi-function interconnected £billion programmes pioneering the use of innovative outsourcing approaches.

Through the last ten years he has been consistently voted by his peers as one of the most influential IT leaders in the UK and Europe.

He currently works less hard than previously and pursues a portfolio career. His current activities are as Non-Executive Director of Which? Ltd; founding partner and Chairman of Active7, a sports management agency; associate with SHM Ltd; Chair of the UK Advisory board of Cisco services, and member of the Urology Board of London Cancer.

He has previously been Global CIO Diageo plc; Global IS Director Guinness Ltd and CIO North America Marks & Spencer plc. Additionally he has been a board member of e-Skills UK; member of the global advisory board of HP; advisory board member of the Leading Edge forum; member of the Research Board and Chair of UK CIO Summit and co-Chair of the Global CIO Summit.

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